To source, design and implement new technology solutions that future-proof our clients’ investments and establish us as the most trusted advisor.


We are made up of leading talent from across the globe and right here at home. 

Members of our team hold advanced certifications in some of the most important technology designations and our vast network of partners and technology providers is second to none. 

Together we bring the technologies of tomorrow to our clients today so they don’t have to worry about what comes next.

Board of Directors

Sam Tan
Joseph Chan

Solutions and Services


Network Management and Security Solutions

We customize system integration solutions for telecommunication companies to manage critical network functions on a single platform, allowing them to maximize efficiency, user satisfaction, and profitability. We also provide a wide range of physical and software security solutions to protect network infrastructure from unauthorized access, thereby creating a secure platform for computers, users, and programs to perform their permitted critical functions within a secure environment. By working with us, telecommunication companies enjoy top quality maintenance and crisis management. 

Big Data

Our Big Data Solutions query data at a speed that traditional database cannot match and perform pattern analysis, enabling telecommunications companies to create new revenue streams. Through data insights, telecommunication companies are able to perform crowd analysis, habitat analysis, online behavior analysis, offline behavior analysis, commute type analysis, commercial zone analysis, and general statistics report. Common use cases are target advertisement, police search intelligence, real-time taxi deployment, commercial zone traffic optimization, and more.


Often, businesses suffer from overburdened IT staff, or lack employees that have the knowledge, skills and/or time to handle certain tasks while maintaining day to day operations. Our end-to-end managed IT services not only ensures an extra team of experienced IT experts to help resolve any issues or concerns, but also able to provide benefit from having access to the latest generation of technology and innovative solutions maximizing uptime and profitability.

Managed IT

AI Marketing

Our AI analytics platform provides AI-Driven Customer Profiling & Personalization platform that performs: Digital Customer Profiling, Digital Content Personalization and Digital Product Personalization, and turns insights derived from the Google Insights platform and direct a more appropriate targeted ad campaign across the Google stack (Google Ads, Display & Video 360, Ad Manager 360, Optimize 360). 

Our solutions are leading on a global scale for differentiation in Big Data Analytics that provide our clients with the ability to prescriptively and constructively appeal to the right prospects at the right time and with the right offer.


Extended Reality

Our AI-driven cybersecurity platform forges the future of cybersecurity resilience through autonomous systems and human-AI collaboration. Our platform automates SOC operations, forensics, detection and response for clients among the Fortune 500 and governments by performing managed detection and response (MDR), incident response (IR), threat and accurate remediation. Our solution collects endpoint evidence, conducts automated correlation and behavior analysis across all evidence, and validates threats and relates global threats.

We are developing innovative graphics advancements for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to eliminate the substantial trade-off between visual quality and performance on immersive platforms. Our solution paves the way for cinematic quality CGI, both static and animated, on low-powered devices such as phones, tablets and HMDs or any other AR/VR capable platforms.

Our platform offers:

  • VFX Quality

  • User Friendly

  • Hardware Agnostic

  • Cloud Based

IoT Communication

IoT (Internet of Things) refers to the ever-growing network of devices for internet connectivity and the communication that occurs between internet-enabled devices and systems – think of your cell phone, tablet, or a smart car all talking to each other. IoT solutions use these devices to drive hyper-connectivity that can monitor, analyze, and push action on products, materials, and assets in ways that can improve organizations’ processes, as well as the everyday lives of the public.

Green Manufacturing

Waste Acid Recycling Solutions

Hydrofluoric acid is critical to semiconductor manufacturing processes, but its toxic waste byproduct is complicated to manage. Our Acid Waste Management solution not creates a safer and greener environment, but also recycle the waste into commerciable products. 



Ellipsiz Communications Ltd is the gateway to globalization through a complete platform that facilitates cross-pollination between technologies.

Ellipsiz Communications Ltd establishes strong connections with global technology companies. 


July 2019

Cybernaut International, a global technology investment arm, joins Ellipsiz Communications Ltd, to further expand the portfolio of technological capabilities.

A portfolio of acquisitions and partnerships are completed and presence in North America, East Asia, and Southeast Asia is generated

May 2019


Expanded businesses from purely telecommunication sector to become a cross-sector high-tech solution provider.

Revenue reached over C$10 million.



Secured long-term 4G and big data solution contracts for telecommunication companies in Taiwan. 80% penetration in Taiwan’s network management market

Ellipsiz Communications goes public on the TSX.V as Ellipsiz Communications Limited (ECT)



Our Valued Clients




We work closely with different government levels, institutions, technology firms, and strategic partners to facilitate innovative collaboration, intelligence exchange, and go-to market strategy. Our network helps clients and partners reach their goals befittingly. 


Our operation and partnership network extends from Toronto to Vancouver, New York, Tel Aviv, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore. We help our clients and partners meet their global needs.


Our global teams and partners are the focal point of innovation. We attract a diversity of talents, create parallel collaboration, and commercialize to the market all within our operations and network.




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Tel: 905-470-8800

Ellipsiz Communications Ltd
Suite 208, 340 Ferrier Street
Markham, ON Canada L3R 2Z5


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